Bastille Soap

Bastille is a marketing buzzword for soap that is 70% olive oil or more. Olive oil is one of the most common ingredients in cold process soap making. It creates a gentle, mild lather. Olive oil can be used up to 100% of your soap's ingredients.

Because it's primarily made of olive oil, the soap takes 2 months or more to cure. Because of this exorbitant cure time, it's not a soap bar that we offer that often. So, when it's in stock, grab it. There's no telling when it will be back.

Bastille soap originates in Spain around the mid-1500's. Back in those days it was only available to Royals and the well-to-do. It's one of the oldest soap recipes that is still being produced today. The fact that it's been around so long, tells you, it's a great soap.

Our Bastille soap has a scent that is very much a perfume-like scent. We call it fierce. If you like perfume scents you are sure to love it.

Ingredients include: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter


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