Modern Woman All Natural Soap

African Black Soap

Used for centuries, by Nigerians and Ghanainans, for reducing body odor and bathing. African Black soap also alleviates scalp itchiness and irritation, making it an excellent shampoo for hair.

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Bainne Buttermilk Soap

Bainne is the Scots Gailic word for milk. Made from buttermilk, this soap has the scent of chocolate covered banana.

Buttermilk has high levels of latic acid which makes for a great natur...More

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Bamboo Soap Dish

Extend the life of your soap with a bamboo soap dish. The soap dish is lightweight and portable and helps to keep your soap bars dry between uses.

It is generally recommended that yo...More

price $2.00

Bastille Soap

Bastille is a marketing buzzword for soap that is 70% olive oil or more. Olive oil is one of the most common ingredients in cold process soap making. It creates a gentle, mild lather. Olive oil can...More

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Blueberry Jam Shea Butter Soap

Made with a mix of shea butter and sweet almond oil, this soap creates a great lather and leaves your skin nice, smooth and moisturized.

Vegan and cruelty free, this soap has a...More

price $7.99

Blueberry Shea Butter Soap

This is a premium shea butter soap. The scent is sweet blueberry. This bar uses sea salt and ground oatmeal to exfoliate your skin.

Shea butter is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin...More

price $5.99

Dearcag Soap

The Dearcag soap bar is a rice bran oil soap. Rice bran oil contains various nourishing vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, that are wonderful for the skin. It's highly moisturizin...More

price $6.99

Fiadhach Goat's Milk Soap

The Fiadhach soap is a Goat's Milk soap bar. Goat's milk soap is growing in popularity because of it's soothing properties and small ingredient list. Goat milk has many benefi...More

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Kentish Rain Castile Soap

This is a Castile soap that smells like rain bouncing off fresh cut grass.

Castile soap is soap made in a style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. A true Castile...More

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